Dillon XL 650 Casefeeder Crud Catcher

Now with integrated Primer Tube Holder


This is a Casefeeder Crud Catcher that I came up with for the Dillon XL650 Casefeeder. The Dillon Casefeed has two holes in the bottom back of the bowl assembly. These holes allow any accumulated spent power, polishing media or general crud to drain out of the bowl. This crud if left unchecked can fall all over your press or bench top. Most reloaders just tape some kind of cup or even a couple of spent shell casings to the back of the feeder to collect the debris. This upgrade accomplishes the same thing in just a more elegant manor. The Base Mounting Riser Bracket is printed on a 3D Printer and the stacks are clear polyethylene tubes so you can see when they need to be emptied.

The base now comes with an integrated Primer Tube holder. It will hold up to 6 "Dillon" primer tubes (large or small) behind the case feeder. It has not been tested with any other brand of primer tubes.

Casefeeder Compatibility

This upgrade will only fit a Dillon Casefeeder that have the bottom screws with the hole spacing shown above, roughly 3 1/2 Inches. (the caefeeder mounting pole was removed for picture clarity only.)

This upgrade should fit any of the Dillon Case Feeders.

Upgrade Includes