Dillon SL900 Spent Primer Catch Upgrade Installation Instructions.

Please read through all of the steps before beginning.

To download these instructions in PDF form CLICK HERE (to Save File, right click the link and select "Save Link As")

Using a 3/32” Allen Wrench start by removing the two screws that hold the Spent Primer Cup Bracket to the platform. This is easier done with the platform in the raised/handle down position.

Using the supplied screws attach the new Funnel and Bracket in the position shown above.

Next attach one end of the Hose to the Funnel and secure it with one of the small zip ties.

The other end of the hose will be attached to a Soda Bottle on the floor. Soda Bottles are the easiest container to use as they are large enough that they rarely have to be emptied.

Double check that the supplied cap fits your bottle before continuing.

You will probably have to trim the hose to length to match the height of your bench. For best flow of the spent primers through the hose you want the hose to be as straight as possible so the bottle should be directly below and almost in line with the handle. When trimming the hose to length make sure you take into account the height of the bottle, also make sure the hose has a little slack so it doesn’t bind as the platform is raised and lowered. It is best to measure the hose with the platform on the raised/handle down position this way the hose is as straight as possible when the primer is deprimed from the shell.

Insert the bottom fitting through the bottle cap and while holding the fitting in with your thumb with one hand attach the hose to the top of the fitting by squeezing the hose near the end and while pressing it on at an angle, give the hose a slight twist and it should pop right on. Secure the hose to the fitting with the other small zip tie and trim off the excess with a pair of snips.

The hose can be loosely secured (it has to be able move up and down) to the strong mount (if you have one) with the larger zip tie to keep it out of the way of the handle. Then just screw the cap on to your soda bottle (not supplied) and enjoy some loading.

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