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Square Deal 'B' Spent Primer Upgrade

ON SALE $14.95

(Upgrade shown mounted with the Strong Mount Bracket.)

This is a Spent Primer Upgrade that I came up with for the Dillon Square Deal 'B' reloading press. I use to have with trouble with knocking the entire spent primer cup off with my knees when the press was mounted to the bench, I then switched over to a strong mount to try to alleviate this problem but I then still had primers bouncing out of the newly mounted cup. This upgrade creates a closed spent primer system so there is no way for the spent primers to exit the system and end up all over the floor or bench. This system uses a Funnel and bracket setup turned from billet aluminum and mounts below the Stock Return Bracket, as the case is deprimed the spent primer will fall through the platform directly into the funnel and then be passed through the tube down to a suitable container (not supplied) such as a soda bottle that sits under your bench.

This upgrade will work with either bench mounted presses or strong mounted presses and does away with the stock spent primer cups altogether, another bonus of this upgrade is you no longer have to worry about forgetting to empty the spent primer cup.

Upgrade Press Compatibility

This upgrade will only fit Dillon Square Deal B Presses with either of the metal stock cup mounting/return brackets seen above.

Upgrade Includes

            • Machined Billet Aluminum Funnel
            • ABS Plastic Funnel Mounting Bracket
            • 3 ½ Feet of Hose (if you require it longer let me know)
            • Bottom Hose Fitting & Zip Tie
            • Pre-drilled Soda Bottle Cap (cap colors may vary, usually white)
            • Instructions are downloadable as a PDF <--click to preview

            (To save Instructions Right Click the above link and click "Save Link As")

Square Deal 'B' Spent Primer Upgrade

ON SALE $14.95