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XL650 Missed Live Primer Upgrade

(Ski Jump Fix)


Now available in either Blue or Black

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I've been selling my Spent Primer Upgrade for years which solves the problem of spent primers all over the floor.... but the only thing worse than spent primers on the floor is LIVE primers on the floor. This New upgrade that I designed will replace the original missed primer chute (better know as the Dillon Ski Jump) with my new primer catcher and completely eliminate any missed primers from jumping off onto the floor. Like my spent primer upgrade this upgrade also creates a closed missed primer system so there is no way for the missed primers to exit the system and jump onto the floor. This system uses a Plastic Primer Catcher to contain missed primers as soon as they fall out of the Rotary Primer Disc and funnel them into a small plastic reservoir bottle which can then be unscrewed to transfer the primers back to primer tubes.

This upgrade will not affect the operation of the press in anyway, it does not need to be removed to change over the primer system from small to large and it will work with either primers. The upgrade can also be used in conjunction with my spent primer upgrade but will also work with the original spent primer cup too.

This is a new version of my Missed Live Primer Upgrade. It is the same great upgrade just manufactured in a different way. These are now printed on a 3D printer, which allows for a much cleaner finish on the prominent side (no more mold seam line), it also has a tighter tolerance for the bottles threads, and it now comes in Black. If you are not happy for any reason with this item I will give you a full refund. Keep in mind I am a one man show so unlike my other upgrades quantities on these may still be limited at times... so get them while they are available. :)

Upgrade Press Compatibility

This upgrade will ONLY fit Dillon XL650's with the plastic primer chute (ski Jump) shown above.

This will NOT FIT the Older Presses that have the combination Primer Chute and Plastic Spent Primer Cup Bracket all in one piece. (see my other upgrades if you have an older press)

Upgrade Includes

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XL650 Missed Live Primer Upgrade
(Ski Jump Fix)


It's not a prefect match for Dillon Blue (that's impossible to match) so these are also available it Black.


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XL650 Missed Live Primer Upgrade (Ski Jump Fix)



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