Dillon XL 650 (Older Versions) Live/Spent

Primer Combo Upgrade Installation Instructions.

Please read through all of the steps before beginning.

To download these instructions in PDF form CLICK HERE (to Save File, right click the link and select "Save Link As")

Start by removing the two screws that hold the original Ski jump/Spent Primer Cup Bracket to the platform. This is easier done with the platform in the raised/handle down position.

The new Catcher Assembly will mount to the same original mounting holes.

Place your thumb over the top on the brass fitting and hold pressure on it while attaching the hose. The brass fittings are only glued in and this will keep them from popping out while you attach the hose.

Press the hose completely onto the fitting until it bottoms out on the catcher.

Using the screws from your stock piece attach the new catcher to the bottom of the platform. Be careful not to cross thread the screws if they feel tight going in do not over force them, back them out and try again.

Next while holding the Ring Indexer from spinning raise the platform with the handle to the top of its stroke. (be careful not to pinch your fingers on anything)

Make sure the Ring indexer clears the new catcher. (see red arrow) If there is interference you will have to loosen the screws holding the catcher so it has some play in it. At this point lightly press the extension arm to the right, you want to leave just enough room to clear the indexer ring. Once you have the correct position you can release the Ring indexer slowly but while still holding the Catcher Assembly, tighten the screws to secure the Catcher into final position.
You can now screw on the catch bottle.

WARNING - While the reservoir will hold quite a few primers it is recommended for safety reasons that you do not let it fill up completely before emptying it. Primers can explode if subject to impact so you should never let more than one or two primers accumulate in the bottle at any one time. This system was not designed to be used to empty the entire primer system. Any misuse of this upgrade may result in serious physical injury. Please follow all safety precautions while dealing with or handling live primers.

Next route the hose so it does not interfere with the handle or Camming Pin.

You will have to trim the hose to length depending on the height of your bench, route of the hose, and location of your container. When trimming the hose make sure you take into account the height of the bottle or container that you have selected, also make sure the hose has a little slack so it doesn't bind as the platform is raised and lowered.

Double check that the supplied cap fits your soda bottle before continuing then insert the bottom hose fitting through the bottom of the cap.

While holding the fitting in with your thumb with one hand attach the hose to the top of the fitting by squeezing the hose near the end and while pressing it on at an angle, give the hose a slight twist and it should pop right on. Be sure you measured your hose and trimmed it to the correct length for your setup before starting this step. Once again don't forget to account for the height of the container that you have selected.

Secure the hose to the fitting with one of the zip ties and trim off the excess with a pair of snips.

Then just screw the cap on to your soda bottle (not supplied) and enjoy some loading.

Enjoy, you should now never have to pick spent or live primers off the bench or floor again. If you have any questions, comments, or problems please contact me at stevethone@comcast.net

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