XL650 Spent Primer Upgrade

Non-Strong Mount Version

(for use without a Dillon Strong Mount)


Anyone who reloads on a Dillon XL 650 press knows the issues with spent primers missing the stock spent primer cup and ending up all over the bench and floor. This upgrade creates a closed spent primer system so there is no way for the spent primers to exit the system and end up all over the floor or bench. With this upgrade you also will never have to worry about the spent primer cup over flowing and jamming the system because you can see when your container needs to be emptied.

This version is for reloaders without the Dillon Strong Mount. (If you have a strong mount see my other strong mount version.)

This system uses a Funnel turned from billet aluminum and mounts using an ABS Plastic Bracket, as the case is deprimed the spent primer will fall through the platform directly into the funnel and then be passed through the tube down to a suitable container (not supplied) such as a soda bottle that sits under your bench.
Upgrade Press Compatibility

This upgrade will only fit Dillon XL650's with the metal stock cup mounting bracket and bolt spacing seen above. Older presses have different spent primer cups (with plastic cup mounts) then the newer presses.

Upgrade Includes

            • Billet Aluminum Funnel
            • ABS Bracket & Mounting Screw
            • 4' of Hose
            • Bottom Hose Fitting & Zip Ties (not shown)
            • Pre-drilled Soda Bottle Cap (cap colors may vary, usually white)
            • Instructions are downloadable as a PDF <--click to preview

(To save Instructions Right Click the above link and click "Save Link As")

XL650 Spent Primer Upgrade (Non-Strong Mount Version)